March 24, 2018

Service Builds Character / Benefits Everyone

clean-upIf you love Island Park, and I know you do or you wouldn’t be reading this, consider volunteering for one of the many cleanup opportunities in the area. The Henry’s Fork Foundation just sponsored a cleanup of the stretch of the Henry’s Fork of the Snake that runs through Island Park and they did a tremendous work. Cleaning up both in and around the river made a better situation for everyone.

Not only does service improve the quality of life in the community, it strengthens the character of those who participate. Did you know that youth who regularly participate in service projects actually do better in school than those who don’t and are less likely than their peers to have problems with parents and with the law? It’s true.

This season’s about come and gone, but if you’re planning on coming again next year, schedule a half day to do clean up work. If one of the major campaigns is under way you can join with them. If not, gather your family around you and select a stretch of road or a stretch of river and start filling garbage bags. If you call the county they will provide the bags and signs notifying motorists you are there.

The bottom line is don’t let the little things deter you. You can afford a bag for each family member. Tell them you’ll collect trash until each has a bag that’s full. A quick trip to the dump and you’re done. This is a great way to build family unity, to build individual character, and to make Island Park a better place for all of us. See you out there!


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