March 24, 2018

Black Bear Put Down In Macks Inn

The bear everyone’s been talking about here in the Macks Inn area was put down this last week. It turns out the bear had been a problem bear in the Big Hole region of Montana and was relocated to the northern Centennial mountains. From there he discovered Island Park and resumed his human-food-filching habits.

Local rangers spent considerable time and effort urging people in the area to “bear proof” their homes and campsites, but to no avail. Garbage was readily available in the area (even after all the warnings,) and the bear became more and more brazen in his “raids” on human food.

Last week, wildlife officials agreed there was no rehabilitating the bear, and relocating him would likely just shift the safety burden to someone else, and the decision was made to put the bear down.

Sadly, this was an avoidable situation. Had residents and visitors been more diligent in cleaning their cabin and campsite areas, the bear would have had no choice but to find food elsewhere. Since that didn’t happen, the bear was killed. Hopefully this is a wakeup call to everyone. If you like the wildlife here in the area, you can make a difference in seeing that exists like it is now for many years to come. All we need to do is be vigilant in not providing food for wild animals. That seems to me a small price to pay.


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