March 24, 2018

In Spring A Young Man's Heart Turns To . . .

fliesWith temperatures well above freezing for the last couple of weeks, the locals are starting to think spring may not be far off.  And you know what they say:  when springtime comes, a young man’s heart turns to . . . well, fishing of course.  The locals have been fishing Montana’s Madison River all winter, and things have really heated up lately.

In this part of the world we fly fish.  We don’t use worms, or salmon eggs, or cheese, or peanut butter.  This is purist country.  We use flies.  And most of those are lovingly hand-crafted, hand-tied masterpieces from the bench of the fisherman.  Flies are tied all winter and casted all summer.  We use feathers from Teal wings, from ducks harvested here in Island Park.  We use the guard hairs from deer and elk (also harvested locally.)  We are very nearly a self-sustaining economy when it comes to our fishing and hunting.  We recycle, reuse, and redistribute our resources, the fruits of one pursuit feeding the needs of another.

They say if you haven’t fly fished the Henry’s Fork, you haven’t fly fished.  These are blue ribbon trout waters, and there are none better in the world.  Fishing (open year round on selected waters in Montana) will open here in Idaho around Memorial Day.  So you’ve still got a couple of months to prepare.  My advice to you:  get tying.  You know you can’t afford $2 a piece for store-bought flies that may not be as good as what you can do yourself.  And summer will be here before you know it.


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