March 24, 2018

Fishing Good, In Spite Of The Rain

brook-troutRain has continued in Island Park at a rate residents cannot believe. In fact, there has been talk around Macks Inn of beginning construction on an ark. We’ll keep you updated on that. But even with unprecedented rain, fishing is good.

Water flows in the Henry’s Fork have stabilized and there is no water coming over the spillway at the dam. Even with the rain, the water is really quite clear and there are dry fly hatches in process. We just finished a salmon fly hatch and a Dunn hatch is in progress. Fishing in Harriman has been fast and furious with PMD’s for the last week or so, and the hatch is moving up the river. This week should see PMD’s doing well in Box Canyon. The Madison, up in nearby Montana is also very hot right now.

The lakes have been spotty. While the rivers are running clear, the rain is affecting the clarity on the lakes. There have been stories of some great fish coming out of both Henry’s and Island Park, but it seems to be hit or miss. I saw photos of a four pound brookie that was taken on Henry’s last week. It is a spectacular specimen that was taken near the hatchery (while everyone else was over on the south side under the cliffs.)

If you like fishing with dry flies, don’t wait. Fishing is great and the rain is expected to clear for the rest of this week (after like 18 straight days of rain.) A little time on the river should chase away all that ails you. We look forward to seeing you out on the river!


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