March 24, 2018

Would You Really Like Living Here?

swimming-hole1One thing I hear from people who have vacation homes here is how much they think they’d enjoy living here full time.  I know I like living in Island Park.  Of course, like everywhere, it has its downside.  But for the most part, this is the place for me.

I think it really comes down to one thing:  Do you love the outdoors?  Does the beauty of nature feed your soul?  Does this beauty trump creature comforts, social opportunities, shopping, cultural events and everything else in your life?  Is spending time as a family at the top of your list?

If the answer to these questions is yes, chances are you’d like living here.  If you need your weekly (or daily, for that matter) mall fix, or if you can’t imagine being “stuck in your house for the whole winter,” then you probably don’t get it, and probably wouldn’t be happy living here.

If you’re like most couples, you would probably fit perfectly here and your spouse would be miserable.  My advice is don’t try to convince, pressure, coerce, etc. your spouse to move here.  You’ll both be miserable.  Remember the rule of marriage:  you always defer to the spouse with the weird ideas if you’re going to be happy.

But in those rare instances where both spouses are happy here, Island Park is an idyllic place to live.  The truth is, we would love to have you live here with us.  But if you’ve got the weird spouse,  well . . .   we’ll just look forward to your annual (or more regular) visits.

A Land Of Milk And Honey

about_mr_cows1This morning I read a story on MSN entitled, “Trafficking In Raw Milk.” Being a lover (and long-time drinker) of raw milk, I had to see what it was all about.  Apparently, it is a crime to sell raw milk in most of these United States.  Some of the more progressive states (like Idaho) permit the sale of raw milk, but exhaustive testing is required to make sure the product is safe.

So the article suggested that if you want to find out about raw milk suppliers in your area you google the words raw milk followed by your state.  Being the curious type, I did just as they directed and surprise, surprise.  One of the best known raw milk suppliers in the state of Idaho, Paradise Springs Farm, is right down the road from Island Park in the Teton Valley.

Drinking raw milk will cure just about everything that ails you, according to proponents.  Conversely, pasteurized milk causes just about everything that ails you.  So why wouldn’t you want to drink only raw milk?  Well, unclean raw milk can produce a host of really ugly diseases (like bovine tuberculosis.)  So how do you know if the dairy is clean?  The best way is to inspect (or in Idaho you can depend  on the USDA to do that for you.)  Paradise Springs Farm in Victor, Idaho claims their milking parlor is as clean as an operating room.  That would probably solve a large part of the potential problem.

My advice if you want to drink raw milk (and I recommend you at least give it a try) is to visit the dairy from which you’ll be buying the milk and assure yourself that it’s clean and sanitary.  Then have a go.  Raw milk has a pleasant flavor and many beneficial, probiotic bacteria that will boost your immune system, stabilize things in your gut, and generally make you feel better.  Try it and see what you think.