March 24, 2018

Mack's Inn Resort

Lodging for Island Park and Yellowstone

Mack’s Inn Resort has a motel, river front “condo” type units, cabins, and a R. V. park with full hookups. Other amenities include a restaurant, convention center, dinner theater, shower house, laundry facilities, sports and recreation facilities, including basketball, canoe, boat and rubber raft float trips down the river, paddle boats, fishing, hiking, biking, and genuine enjoyment of the out of doors next to one of the camp fire pits.

Mack’s Inn Open all Winter

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Around Mack’s Inn we have over 600 miles groomed snowmobile trails. We have some of the most beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife anywhere. Yellowstone Park is only 22 miles away

Mack’s Inn is a vintage resort on the shores of the North Fork of the Snake River, just 5 miles down stream from Big Springs which is the headwaters of the North Fork. The river appears out of the mountain at 120 million gallons daily. The resort dates back to the early nineteen hundreds. It is a favorite spot for many family outings and family reunions.

Mack’s Inn is the “Heart of Island Park” which is the gateway to West Yellowstone and Yellowstone National Park. Located on Idaho State Highway 20 North and US Highway 191, access to Mack’s Inn is convenient year around. Mack’s Inn is just 20 minutes south of West Yellowstone the west entrance to Yellowstone National Park.

Featured Vacation Rental

Mack`s Inn Family Lodge

Mack`s Inn Family Lodge

Mack`s Inn Family Lodge

Beautiful modern luxury lodge next to Mack`s Inn Resort. Great for family reunion, friend get-togethers and Winter Snowmobiling.


Rental Wars Heating Up Again

rentalThe debate over cabin rentals continues to rage. The meeting that was scheduled for July was Moved to the third week in August due to a clerical error in the posting of the meeting. Proponents of the ordinance have named it the “party house” ordinance contend that the rental properties are being used for purposes other than recreation and are driving down property values in the area where they exist.

Opponents of the bill claim that the properties are used to family reunions, business retreats, religious retreats, etc. and that they pose no threat to the local property values. They say that property management companies keep the places clean, neat and orderly and that the idea the rentals bring down values is absolutely without basis.

While I don’t feel strongly about this issue (surprisingly enough,) I have a few observations. First, the three properties used for rental purposes near me are always well-kept. There is no trash around, and the outward appearance of the structure itself hasn’t been a problem that I have seen. As far as noise, I’ve not seen the ones near me used for wild, noisy parties or anything like that. They seem to be being used just as the property owners have outlined.

But there is one thing that drives me absolutely out of my mind. People who stay in the rental properties have no problem whatsoever driving their ATV’s in down the road in front of my place at mach three. Before you jump to conclusions, I actually have followed them to where they live to have a word with them. Invariably, they’re staying at a rental. Locals ride slowly and with respect through the cabins. They may go berserk when when the get out in the woods, but through the cabins they’re respectful. People who aren’t from here seem to have no respect for those of us who live here.

So there you have both sides of the issue from the cheap seats. If you want to make comments on the subject before the meeting in August (either for or against,) you can contact the Fremont County Planning and Zoning in St. Anthony, Idaho. I know they’d be glad to hear your point of view before they start the public debate. Remember, if you don’t put in your two cents worth, you give up your right to complain about whatever happens. Be a responsible citizen / visitor of Island Park and let your voice be heard.

What Are We Going To Do?

img_4600If you’re looking for things to do while in Island Park, here are some ideas.

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How about rafting? River trips are available at Macks Inn. For a nominal fee they provide the boat and the life jackets and will take you up to the Big Springs Boat Launch and get you going. This is a great float that takes about 3 hours.

If you’re more the “do-it-yourself” type you can rent sit-on-top kayaks at Subway in Island Park Village and go wherever you want. Of course this requires that you provide your own transportation.

If hiking is your thing, try Harriman. There are trails for all levels of experience and fitness. Be sure to bring plenty of insect repellent as the horseflies are as big as Volkswagons in the spring.

Or, if adventure hiking is more to your liking, you can hike from Shotgun over to Red Rocks. That’s a killer one-day hike for the truly fit. It has great vistas and plenty of wildlife. You’ll want plenty of water, bear spray, and food for that one.

Or you could try the Targhee Creek trail that will take you up the back side of Lion’s Head. That’ a serious climb for the seriously fit. I was tired after doing it on a horse, so plan accordingly.

If you’re more the ATV type, there are ATV rentals from last chance to West Yellowstone. Many of the winter snowmobile trails become summer ATV trails. It’s hard to really get lost, so just get out and explore. (A GPS is a pretty good idea if you’re going to go bushwhacking.)

For water skiing and wake boarding, Island Park Reservoir and Henry’s Lake are where it’s at. If you wanted to go a little farther North, you could try Hebgen Lake (but Hebgen often gets VERY choppy later in the day, so go early.)

There are a million things to do, but those will get you started. Have fun. Drive safe. Avoid alcohol in excess, especially when driving a motorized vehicle. Finally, just get out and enjoy yourself. There’s no better place than Island Park.

The Debate Continues

rental.jpgRental properties are a hot topic here in Island Park.  Just this weekend I overheard a spirited discussion between two “summer home” owners and three locals.  It seems part-time residents in sub-divisions would like to see some sort of regulations on the rental properties.  On the other side of the table, permanent residents and property management companies would like (for obvious reasons) to see them remain un-regulated. 

This is one of those polarizing issues, here in Island Park.  Almost nobody is ambivalent toward the subject.  People think they’re great or they think they’re the worst thing you could have in your neighborhood.  The differences probably stem primarily from your source of motivation and from your experiences with renters. 

Land owners and property managers derive income from the rentals, so they’d obviously be for it.  On the other hand, neighborhood residents see people coming through their neighborhoods who have nothing invested and who — at least potentially — don’t treat things with the same respect an owner would.

People whose income is derived (either directly or indirectly) from the tourist trade (and that includes many of the permanent residents) would love to see more rentals available.  There really aren’t enough places to stay here to classify Island Park as a true “destination” area.  Rental cabins could affect that positively (bringing more income into the area.)   On the other hand, one of the things most people like about coming here (and living here) is that it’s not a true “destination” area.

Whichever way you feel, you have both friends and foes here.  I guess the perfect solution would be for renters to treat the land and the neighbors with the same respect owners do.  If that were the case, everyone could get what they want.

Do you think that’s likely?

Angler’s Lodge at Henrys Fork

9 Cabins  $49 – $139
15 Rooms  $49 – $139
Group/Winter Rates
Location: Island Park , ID
Eastern Idaho, in Island Park
Directions: On the Henrys Fork of the Snake River
Mailing Address
3363 Old Hwy. 191
Island Park, ID 83429
Street Address
3363 Old Hwy. 191
Island Park, ID 83429
Phone: (208) 558-9555
Fax: (208) 558-9555
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