March 24, 2018

Be Bear Aware For The 4th

bear-in-campgroundWhile we haven’t seen the bear activity this year we did last, there are still bears in the area and to be safe, you need to be wise about how you police your campsite or cabin. Any food — any food however small, distasteful, unappetizing, etc., — is a magnet for bears. They can smell food a mile away (literally) and will come to get it.

So if you’re in a cabin, please refrain from even the most basic sources of food, including dog food, cat food, or even bird feeders. If you’re RV camping, take your food inside at night. If you’re in a tent, tie your food in a tree high enough a bear can’t get to it. If you can jump as high as you can and touch it, a bear can too. Make sure it’s up there high enough to truly be safe. That includes food in coolers. Don’t think bears can’t smell food in a cooler, or that they can’t get in. They will smell it and they will destroy it to get what’s inside.

We want your independence day weekend in Island Park to be the highlight of your summer. A large part of that enjoyment comes from being bear aware and avoiding any potential problems. You don’t want to be out there in the middle of the night in your underwear with no shoes on running from an angry grizz just because you forgot to hang up your food. A few simple precautions will make this the best weekend of the year. See you soon!

Snowmobiling Accident In Island Park

ambulanceA Minnesota man was killed in a tragic snowmobile vs. van accident earlier this week south of Pond’s lodge.  According to witnesses, he failed to stop at the intersection where the trail he was riding crossed highway 20.  The collision occurred when the driver of the van was unable to stop and the snowmobile was struck broadside, killing the driver of the snowmobile instantly.

While there are those who criticize the markings on the trails (particularly the placement of stop signs, etc.) the fact is that many people ride those trails like they have completely lost their minds.  It’s not uncommon on any of the local trails to have riders on high-powered snowmobiles doing nearly 100 miles per hour blow past you like you are standing still.

Please understand I’m not suggesting that the man from Minnesota was speeding or making any other kind of judgment about him or his riding (only the investigating officer can make those determinations.)  We feel nothing but a deep sadness over this accident and have no desire to judge the snowmobiler or anyone else.

It is fair to suggest, however, that if you want to remain safe while riding in Island Park (or anywhere for that matter) it might be prudent to slow down and drive defensively.  That’s especially true in areas with which you are not familiar.

All of us here at extend our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of the snowmobiler from Minnesota who so tragically lost his life in our back yard.  We love it here, as this good man did, and we want everyone who comes here to recreate to be safe and have an enjoyable time.  Hopefully this accident will be the impetus to creating a safer environment (through better signage, etc.) and will encourage everyone to recognize the inherent dangers in snowmobiling and take appropriate precautions when riding.

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