March 24, 2018

What Happened To Fall?

This has been a really odd fall in Island Park. Last year we experienced a change in colors that viagra online canada pharmacy was almost indescribable. It started with the trees in September and continued with the ground cover all the way to November. As you drove around it was almost as if the forest was ablaze with all the red, yellow and orange color.

But it hasn’t been that way this year! An early HARD frost (temperatures below zero) in September froze things just like they were. There was no additional change in color. Everything just froze hard and died. Leaves have been ripped from the trees by the pounding of wet, heavy snow coming almost daily. Sure, it gets up to the thirties and forties during the day to melt the snow, but the early signs of winter keep on punishing what’s left of the leaves and ground cover.

But the good news in all this is, the national weather service says this winter is supposed to be warmer and drier than usual. Hmmmm. It’s rained or snowed almost every day in September and October. There have been many days that have been 25 degrees below what we would normally expect for this time of year. There has really been no fall this year (traditionally the most beautiful time to be in Island Park.) We jumped right from summer to winter.

I guess that’s just global warming at work for us. And praise Allah we’ve had it. I can’t imagine where we’d have been this year without it.

Early Season Snowmobilers Already Going

fall-snowmobilingWell, I suppose it had to happend sometime. We have a couple of inches of snow and the die-hards are already trying out their new sleds. While we’ve only had about three inches here at Macks Inn, up on Black Canyon they have nearly a foot.

You can ride in a foot of snow as long as you’re darn sure there’s no hidden obstacles to reach out and mangle your undercarriage. So what that means is, if you’re willing to ride nothing but roads, you can ride. If you get off the road at all, you’re going to have a mess.

Last year (kind of pre-winter) I saw a guy at the gas station there at Elk Creek who had just come from the dealer in West Yellowstone. The repair bill on his sled was nearly $4,000. There was precious little snow and he decided to do a wowie on the bank where the road had been carved out. He hit a big rock (apparently disguised as a sagebush) and tore the whole bottom out of his sled.

So if you’re thinking about coming and trying out your new sled, don’t. There isn’t enough snow yet. We’ll let you know the minute there is, but right now the risk is too high. If you just can’t stand the thought that someone got to the snow before you, make sure you never leave the road (or trail.) See you soon!!

Record Low Temperatures Forecast For Island Park

If you haven’t winterized your cabin yet, it just might be too late. Temperatures have been unseasonably cold for the last week and a half or so, but what was bad is going to take another dramatic turn for the worse. Forecast lows for the next couple of nights in Island Park are near zero. That means it could easily be below zero in some areas.

If you have exposed plumbing, you’d better get some heat tape on it right away.

As I write this it is 18 degrees and snowing pretty heavily. When skies clear (if you believe the forecast) later in the day, the arctic express will bring ridiculously cold air from the north. The next several days look like snow and continued cold.

The weather service says temperatures are predicted to be about 25 degrees colder than you would expect at this time of year. Makes you wonder what December and January will bring (maybe those 50′s we have been missing . . . . . Naw. That would be too good to be true.)