March 24, 2018

Makin' The Loop

ennisWe haven’t done a Makin’ The Loop spot for awhile, so I thougt it was about time. Today’s loop is from Island Park to Ennis, from Ennis to Bozeman, from Bozeman to West Yellowstone, and from West back to Island Park. This is an easy day loop with plenty to see and do.

There are many people here in Island Park who make regular runs to Bozeman for food, dining, and recreational opportunities. Of course many go to Idaho Falls for shopping too, but Bozeman and Idaho Falls are about equidistant, and if you’re looking for a change, Bozeman is a great change.

And it’s not just Bozeman, of course. Ennis is a fun town to walk around in for a couple of hours. There are several antique stores, art galleries, real estate offices, and so forth on the main street and everything is within walking distance. One caveat, you’ll want to avoid eating in Ennis. Your get better food and better prices in Bozeman and it’s only 30 – 45 minutes down the road.

If you’re a fisherman, the Madison flows all along the road to Ennis. This is blue ribbon trout water and there are trout shops all along the way where you can buy supplies and licenses, get advice on what’s happening currently and just talk a little fishing with knowledgeable folks.

This is a great loop and I highly recommend it. We do it about once a month, just to break the monotony of going to Idaho Falls all the time. Bozeman is a college town with plenty to do for an afternoon. Plenty of gas, food and other services all along the way, so no worries there. See you on the road!