March 24, 2018

Snowmobile Season Winding Down

tracks-in-snowEarlier this week we were talking about fishing (and it’s likely we’ll be doing even more of that in the weeks that come.)  With temperatures yesterday near 50 degrees, this may well be the last post on snowmobiles until next fall (well, we’ll probably make an announcement when they stop grooming the trails.  Other than that, snowmobiling is old news.)

As for today, it’s unseasonably warm and the snow is mushy down low.  If you get up higher (especially early in the day) the snow is still good.  For those who don’t like getting stuck, you can go just about anywhere this time of year with impunity.

There are probably about 3 – 4 good weekends left and then it will be over (except for those guys who ride until June.)  So if you’ve been thinking of making one last run at it, there are plenty of places to stay, plenty of rental sleds available, plenty of good snow (up high) and no reason not to get one more good ride.

Don’t wait, or it will be six months before you get another chance.


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