March 24, 2018

First Snowfall Of The Season

snowy-roadWow! Snow at the end of September has to be a good sign if you’re a snowmobiler. It started snowing about 5:00 a.m. today and has continued throughout the morning. We’ll see what happens this afternoon. I had heard earlier that El Nino was blowing in this year, which would normally be the harbinger of a “below average” snow year. But who knows when the first storm comes on the last day of Sept.

And it’s odd, in some ways. Yesterday was a beautiful native american summer day with temps in the low 70′s and severe clear blue skies. Everyone here said, “No, there’s now way it will snow tomorrow. It’s too warm.” But overnight the temperatures dropped into the 20′s and we’re headed for a high today only in the mid 30′s. My dad would tell you that even the brass monkeys are pulling out their long underwear.

Of course summer’s not over. There will be many beautiful days yet to come. But with the cold making its arrival so soon, there will start to be more and more cold days as well. What all this means to me is that fishing is going to be getting real good here in a couple of weeks. If you’re a fisherman, you don’t want to miss that. Of course, if you’re a snowmobiler, you’ll be praying for an early start to the season.

Whichever way you see it, this is a great time to be in Island Park. No crowds. No competition for the streams and trails. No overbearing heat. Just a quiet, pleasant, crisp and cool atmosphere in which to recharge your batteries. See you soon.


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