March 24, 2018

Avalanche Claims Life Of Idaho Falls Man

avalanche111On Monday I commented that anyone venturing into the back-country should be equipped with a shovel, a probe and an avalanche beacon.    The snow this time of year is very unstable and unpredictable.  Those who don’t have experience digging snow pits and assessing the danger (or who don’t take the time to do so,) are at risk this time of years. 

That’s exactly what happened  to 21 year old Josh Jenkins of Idaho Falls.  A tragic avalanche on Mt. Jefferson on the 17th of this month claimed his life.  Jenkins was riding with friends on Jefferson when the avalanche occurred burying him under eight feet of snow.  By the time friends had found and recovered him, more than an hour had passed.   Attempts to revive him were unsuccessful and he died at the scene.  It was not immediately clear if he was wearing an avalanche beacon.

I sincerely hope this horrible accident will cause everyone who rides in the back-country to make sure they have (and use) the proper gear, give the mountain the proper respect and live to ride another day.   The sympathies of all of us here at go out to the family and friends of Josh Jenkins.  If his passing helps one other person to live, then maybe at least some good can come of it.



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