March 24, 2018

Number Of Yellowstone Visitors Way Up This Year

morning-gloryYellowstone National Park had a banner year this year with over 2.3 million visitors. With the price of gas being down and people travelling closer to home, the park enjoyed a daily influx of roughly 26,000 people. If you propose an average of 3 people per vehicle, that’s about 8,600 cars per day (which didn’t have near the apparent impact on animals and the environment that 300 snowmobiles would.) Multiply that by $25 per car, and we’re talking over $200,000 per day in park entry fee revenues. That would be the reason they don’t dare limit the number of cars each day like they do snowmobiles.

But I digress . . .

Of those roughly 26,000 daily visitors, about half used the west entrance to the park, which means a large percentage of them passed through Island Park as well. This was a good year for local businesses. Many of those passing through stopped for lunch or dinner, for gas, for a float trip, to fish (and buy fishing supplies,) to ride ATV’s, to hike or bike. The bottom line is when Yellowstone has a good year Island Park does too.

Yes, that means we don’t go to the park between Memorial Day and Labor day (so we don’t have to fight the crowds.) It also means we have to just slow down and take our place in line when we go to the valley. But at the end of the day, it’s those people that make the life of many of our friends and neighbors here in Island Park possible.

So if you’re not from here, thank you for coming and making our lives possible. We’re happy to share it with you and hope you enjoy it. I don’t know that we’ll leave the light on for you, but you will always be welcome when you knock on the door. Thank you for making this a good year for us and please know that we appreciate your business!


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