March 24, 2018

Harriman Park Still Going Strong

harrimanIf you haven’t been in Harriman in the fall, you haven’t been to Harriman. The park is beautiful as the colors start to change and the elk start to bugle. It’s like stepping back in time about 3,000 years. The sounds are prehistoric.

I remember by first foray into Harriman in October. It was crisp and cold in the morning and we rode horses across the big meadow and into the forest beyond. A few calls in the elk bugle brought big bulls right up to where we were. There is something magical about watching one of these monarchs of the forest raking their antlers through the trees and pawing the ground.

But it’s more than elk, as I’ve come to learn. The horse flies are gone, the ducks and geese are everywhere, the air and water are crisp, cold, clear, and beautiful. All trails are still open and they have something for everyone. You can walk or ride horses. You can take trails a few hundred yards long along the river or head into the mountains and hike as far as you want.

Rangers recommend bear spray, and bells to wear as you hike along to deter bears who are aggressively getting ready for a long winter’s nap. Of course no guns are allowed in the park, so if that’s your normal mode of protection, you’d better stop and pick up some spray.

Don’t miss the fall colors this year. It’s going to be a great year for photography, so bring your camera and we’ll see you there!


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