March 24, 2018

Bargains Abound Right Now

cabin-for-sale-1With summer coming to a close and the fall chill in the air, an otherwise pretty bleak real estate season is drawing its last breaths as well. Sales were slow this summer as the economy put a damper on second homes, and people who really wanted to sell are faced with carrying their properties for another year.

Because of that, now may be the best time in recent years to buy something up here. If you’ve been waiting for just the right time, don’t let this fall pass away without making an offer on something. The selection is great, prices have never been better (and probably never will be better,) interest rates are low, and most sellers are highly motivated.

If you are interested in looking at something up here, you can start on the internet at and search in your price range in Fremont county. The website also has a list of all the realtors in the area so you can make that connection when you’re ready to go look. This is a great time to buy. Don’t miss it!


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