March 24, 2018

After School Program Successful In Island Park

Concerned over the challenges facing our youth, local civic and church leaders collaborated on a program for youth dubbed the “after school program,” where mentors (experts in their fields) teach the youth — one-on-one or in small groups — a variety of life skills.

There are math tutors, science tutors, music teachers, sewing and homemaking teachers, various sports and other skills teachers. Just about anything a youth could be interested in could be offered.

The real beauty of the program is it not only helps the youth expand his or her talent and skill base, it provides something to do after school a day or two a week that makes them unavailable for less desirable activities. Instead of doing things that tear them down emotionally, morally, physically, etc. they are doing those things that not only build character but build self-esteem as well.

This has been a well-received program both by the youth and by the community. It is funded entirely by donations and local people have been very generous. If you would like to make a donation, or learn more about the program (perhaps to do something similar in your area,) you can contact the Island Park chamber of commerce at 208-558-7755.


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