March 24, 2018

The Debate Continues

rental.jpgRental properties are a hot topic here in Island Park.  Just this weekend I overheard a spirited discussion between two “summer home” owners and three locals.  It seems part-time residents in sub-divisions would like to see some sort of regulations on the rental properties.  On the other side of the table, permanent residents and property management companies would like (for obvious reasons) to see them remain un-regulated. 

This is one of those polarizing issues, here in Island Park.  Almost nobody is ambivalent toward the subject.  People think they’re great or they think they’re the worst thing you could have in your neighborhood.  The differences probably stem primarily from your source of motivation and from your experiences with renters. 

Land owners and property managers derive income from the rentals, so they’d obviously be for it.  On the other hand, neighborhood residents see people coming through their neighborhoods who have nothing invested and who — at least potentially — don’t treat things with the same respect an owner would.

People whose income is derived (either directly or indirectly) from the tourist trade (and that includes many of the permanent residents) would love to see more rentals available.  There really aren’t enough places to stay here to classify Island Park as a true “destination” area.  Rental cabins could affect that positively (bringing more income into the area.)   On the other hand, one of the things most people like about coming here (and living here) is that it’s not a true “destination” area.

Whichever way you feel, you have both friends and foes here.  I guess the perfect solution would be for renters to treat the land and the neighbors with the same respect owners do.  If that were the case, everyone could get what they want.

Do you think that’s likely?



  1. Jamie Ellison says:

    In the REAL WORLD, “No”…. in the world I was raised in, I was taught that Mutual Respect, was paramount to any workable solution, Old School, I know…., but I’m always the optimist, looking for the proverbial pony, in a room full of manure. You know, “they” say YOU GET WHAT YOU EXPECT…it’s just how do you change an opinion that is not your own?

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