March 24, 2018

Rental Wars Heating Up Again

rentalThe debate over cabin rentals continues to rage. The meeting that was scheduled for July was Moved to the third week in August due to a clerical error in the posting of the meeting. Proponents of the ordinance have named it the “party house” ordinance contend that the rental properties are being used for purposes other than recreation and are driving down property values in the area where they exist.

Opponents of the bill claim that the properties are used to family reunions, business retreats, religious retreats, etc. and that they pose no threat to the local property values. They say that property management companies keep the places clean, neat and orderly and that the idea the rentals bring down values is absolutely without basis.

While I don’t feel strongly about this issue (surprisingly enough,) I have a few observations. First, the three properties used for rental purposes near me are always well-kept. There is no trash around, and the outward appearance of the structure itself hasn’t been a problem that I have seen. As far as noise, I’ve not seen the ones near me used for wild, noisy parties or anything like that. They seem to be being used just as the property owners have outlined.

But there is one thing that drives me absolutely out of my mind. People who stay in the rental properties have no problem whatsoever driving their ATV’s in down the road in front of my place at mach three. Before you jump to conclusions, I actually have followed them to where they live to have a word with them. Invariably, they’re staying at a rental. Locals ride slowly and with respect through the cabins. They may go berserk when when the get out in the woods, but through the cabins they’re respectful. People who aren’t from here seem to have no respect for those of us who live here.

So there you have both sides of the issue from the cheap seats. If you want to make comments on the subject before the meeting in August (either for or against,) you can contact the Fremont County Planning and Zoning in St. Anthony, Idaho. I know they’d be glad to hear your point of view before they start the public debate. Remember, if you don’t put in your two cents worth, you give up your right to complain about whatever happens. Be a responsible citizen / visitor of Island Park and let your voice be heard.


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