March 24, 2018

Too Much Water For Good Fishing?

south-forkI never knew it was possible to have too much water for fishing. After all, fish live in water. What’s the problem? It seems that the real problem is when water rushes down the river like it did down the South Fork of the Snake River from Palisades to Idaho Falls, it can change the underwater topography forever.

The South Fork is a premier trout stream. It has long been considered, along with the Henry’s (or North) Fork to be the best trout water in the country. People come from all around the world to fish here. But many who have traditionally fished the South Fork are changing to the North Fork this year because of the extremely high water coming out of Palisades. It will be interesting to see what happens to the South Fork fishery as water levels recede and things sort themselves out.

Fishing continues to be extremely hot in Island Park for now. Box canyon has been very good, as has coffee pot, Harriman, and from the confluence of Warm River down to the Ashton Dam. Water is WAY down from what it was even two weeks ago. Fall River is also good, especially the upper parts of the river. Water levels are down and it is flowing crystal clear.

Even the area around Macks Inn is good. Not only are the fisherman bringing out stringers of fish, I took my dog swimming on a deserted stretch of river below Macks Inn yesterday and we could see fish everywhere. Mosquitoes are largely gone it’s much more pleasant to be outside. If you’ve been waiting for things to get good before you come, wait no more!


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