March 24, 2018

Don't Let The "Elitists" Scare You Off

wormI was in the store the other day where a loud and boisterous conversation was going on. These were fishermen. True blue, through and through fishermen, extolling the virtues of the only true method of catching fish — fly fishing. It seems that anyone who might deign to use “worms” (this guy said “worm” like a nine year old little girl who’s been asked to eat one) is somehow inferior to the fishing elite.

“We don’t even use the “W” word,” one guy said. “We just call it garden hackle.” I figured any true elitist who’d gone to the trouble to give worms such a fly-fishing-sounding name must have kept a few on hand for the days (and there are many of them, aren’t there? Admit it!) where the fish don’t seem interested in artificial bugs.

Well, here’s the deal. If you want to fish in Island Park with worms, there’s a place for you too. We don’t discriminate in here (well, some of us don’t.) You won’t need expert advice on what the hatch is, where the fish are biting, etc., etc., etc. The fish are biting everywhere on worms — all day, every day. You don’t have to go to one of the big outfitters either to get just the right bug. You can get worms at any gas station.

And lest the fly fishers among you take exception to this post, remember that worms are the original “organic” way to fish. Nothing artificial. No preservatives. No nylon. No brightly colored string. Just pure, unadulterated fruit of the earth. It doesn’t get any more natural or any purer than that. Worms have been the bait of choice (along with grasshoppers, beetles, etc.) for thousands of years.

And there’s a reason: it works.


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