March 24, 2018

Ensuring A Future For Henry's Lake Fishing

fishing-006One important function of wildlife biologists is to ensure that there are sufficient game and fish in our state.  Idaho wildlife biologists and dedicated volunteers spent the day today doing just that at the Henry’s Lake Fish Hatchery.

Volunteers gathered with wildlife biologists early this morning to catch spawning cutthroat trout and milk the females of their precious eggs.  The males were then milked to fertilize those eggs and the roe was placed in the hatchery to set up.

Biologists said the vast majority of the fingerlings would be returned to Henry’s Lake to grow into game for fishermen.  Were it not for this heroic effort each year, Henry’s Lake would have long since been barren of fish.  That’s because left to reproduce on their own in a wild setting, the mortality rate on hatchlings would never provide sufficient quantities of fish for the future.

Our thanks to local wildlife biologists for the photo, and for doing this great work for all of us.  And an especially big thank you from those of us who fish in Henry’s Lake and those of us who make our livings here in Island Park.


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