March 24, 2018

Great Service In Island Park

macks-inn-boatsYou know, we always complain about bad service when someone doesn’t treat us right, but we don’t always talk about the good service we receive. So in the interest of keeping the playing field level, I want to report some examples of great service.

First, I was renting a boat for a float trip at Macks Inn when I realized I hadn’t brought my wallet. “I’m going to have to go home and get my wallet,” I told the lady. “Don’t give my boat away. I”ll be back in ten minutes.” She said, “Look, don’t worry. Just take the boat now and bring me the money later.” As soon as I got arrived back at Macks, I went straight home and got the money.

The next thing didn’t happen to me, but while I was in Boondocks restaurant I overheard some people lamenting they didn’t have their money. “Don’t worry about it,” Pat, the owner, said. “You can pay me later.” The guy replied he was from out of town and wouldn’t be back for a week or two. “That’s okay,” Pat said, “Bring me the money when you come back.” Out of curiousity the next time I was in I asked Pat if the guy had paid. “Oh, sure,” he said. “They always come back in with the cash.”

The next episode occurred at Elk Creek gas station. Joe Williams is the chief mechanic. He also does chainsaw sharpening ($5 off the saw, and $10 on the saw.) I’ve gone in four times this summer to have my chainsaw blade sharpened. Each time I ask how long it will take to get the blade done, and every time he says, “Well, I could probably do it right now.”

I take two things away from these stories. First, great customer service is far from dead — at least around here. Second, people are honest. If retailers were getting burned saying, “Pay me later.” They’d stop saying it. But contrary to what you might hear elsewhere, people are basically honest and trustworthy. That’s pretty encouraging to me.

If you’re tired of bad service where you live, come up here and let us show you some mountain hospitality. We have the best environment there is. We have the best people around. And we have the best service available anywhere. Come check it out for yourself.