March 24, 2018

Record Low Temperatures Forecast For Island Park

If you haven’t winterized your cabin yet, it just might be too late. Temperatures have been unseasonably cold for the last week and a half or so, but what was bad is going to take another dramatic turn for the worse. Forecast lows for the next couple of nights in Island Park are near zero. That means it could easily be below zero in some areas.

If you have exposed plumbing, you’d better get some heat tape on it right away.

As I write this it is 18 degrees and snowing pretty heavily. When skies clear (if you believe the forecast) later in the day, the arctic express will bring ridiculously cold air from the north. The next several days look like snow and continued cold.

The weather service says temperatures are predicted to be about 25 degrees colder than you would expect at this time of year. Makes you wonder what December and January will bring (maybe those 50′s we have been missing . . . . . Naw. That would be too good to be true.)


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