March 24, 2018

Have You Been To Virginia City?

nevada-cityIf you’re tired of the rat-race in Yellowstone, you’re water-logged from too much water skiing and encrusted with three inches of dust from being number 6 in a flight of six ATV’s, I have something you might really enjoy — a day trip to Virginia City, Montana.

Virginia City (and neighboring Nevada City) is a ghost town.

Nevada City has restored about four or five blocks of the original city just as it was in the 1800′s. It’s fascinating to see everything as it was, from furniture to wagons, to general stores, etc. There’s also a steam-powered train that runs between the two towns.

Virginia City is just past Ennis (from Island Park, go to Henry’s lake, turn west on the road to Ennis, and follow the signs from there.) It’s about an hour and a half from Island Park. Don’t forget to put your foot down on the accelerator when driving in Montana. The speed limit is 70 mph and with the big, long straight stretches of highway, you’re going to want all of that.

For more information, google virginia city montana. This is one you won’t want to miss.



  1. Michele Stetzner Graham says:

    I’ve been many times, but the last time was just about 32 years ago on my honeymoon – yes, honeymoon! I have loved Virginia City and it’s history since the first time my parents took me there in the 50s when there used to be a daily parade to drum up business for the melodrama. When we went to Nevada City, I was even more hooked on both the cities and their history. I particularly love the cemeteries. What a treat to step back in our Western history and actually walk the same walk that many did before – even Sheriff Plummer and his gang! Anyone visiting should also go see Robber’s Roost!

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